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Attempt to Edumacate People...

So, I have this absolutely wonderful Music Appreciation professor this semester, who has a very up-front and deep love of classical music and jazz. He has mentioned on several occasions a few points that, while he admits are generalities, he seems to hold that viewpoint primarily to not offend any students...

1) Classical, unlike modern forms of music, had a unique ability to center one and create a calming introspective mood.

2) Jazz is interesting and unique in that, post-Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, it is a form for virtuoso soloists to compete.

3) Rock music is an individual's sport, unlike orchestral music which requires all the musicians to be a perfect team player.

On top of this, he seems to really really love music, so I want to introduce him to other bands that he would honestly enjoy. I'd like this to be primarily from me (so I can re-use the disc for other people later), so I'm trying to stick to my bands... I'm just wanting to make sure I don't miss anything...

As of right now, the tracklist is as follows:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond 13:36 Pink Floyd Pulse - Disc 1
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 12:02 Porcupine Tree Deadwing
Glass Arm Shattering 11:12 Porcupine Tree Deadwing
The Walls of Babylon 10:50 Pendragon The Window of Life
Ever Dream 4:44 Nightwish Century Child
Ghost Love Score 10:02 Nightwish Once
The Poet And The Pendulum 13:55 Nightwish Dark Passion Play
Over The Hills And Far Away 5:04 Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away
Surfing with the Alien 4:25 Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien
Satch Boogie 3:14 Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien
The Audience Is Listening 5:30 Steve Vai Passion And Warfare
Greasy Kid's Stuff 2:59 Steve Vai Passion And Warfare
Asian Sky 5:34 Steve Vai The Ultra Zone
2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx 6:47 Rush Chronicles - Disc 1
The Trees 4:41 Rush Chronicles - Disc 1
Time Stand Still 5:10 Rush Chronicles - Disc 2
Mystic Rhythms 5:54 Rush Retrospective II (1981-1987)
Aria Di Mezzo Carattere 5:53 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite: Scene III - FFI 6:07 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy N Generation
Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI) 12:05 The Black Mages The Black Mages
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 2:52 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness: Dawn To Dusk
Tonight, Tonight 4:15 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness: Dawn To Dusk
1979 4:26 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness: Twilight To Starlight

I still want to add Dream Theater, some B'z, and possibly some Mitsuda into the mix, but haven't had a chance to go through those yet. And I'm afraid that Yngwie might break the poor man's ears.

EDIT: I would like to be able to add some King Crimson and The Flower Kings, but I am not really familiar enough with them myself to be suggesting specific songs to someone, and have none of them in my collection. :(

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With apologies to Weird Al and the Beach Boys...

Button Happy
Button Happy

Got a big, expensive printer with a big green button on the front
Gonna push a lotta buttons 'till the printer does what I want
Got no idea what I'm okayin'
Gonna push now and call IT later

'Cause I'm, Button Happy
Button Happy Every Day


Magrathea has served her purpose and is going to a grand retirement.

Poll #1452733 Magrathea's Replacement

What should I name the successor to Magrathea, my trusty MacBook Pro?

Magrathea II (H2G2)
Coruscant (Star Wars)
Vulcan (Star Trek)
Rimmerworld (Red Dwarf)
Kakrafoon (H2G2)
Whitefall (Firefly)
Greenleaf (Firefly)
Corneria (StarFox)

Other suggestions here:

Please note the "Fictional Planets" theme. And at least this time I'm not making drd2be an iWidow. :)

If anyone is curious, the new laptop is just the current 17" MBP, vanilla with no-glare screen. :)


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I had something I wanted to write about today, but I'm having a hard time remembering what it was...

Read the Epic of Gilgamesh last night (well, a bit on Tuesday too) and it is fairly interesting. Neat to see where a lot of the high fantasy we've had in the past century or so came from... The grand quest to defeat the beast in the woods, the gods being petty and sending beasts after the hero, only to be defeated. It was also interesting to see a different retelling of Noah. Or at least I presume Utanapishtim is based on the same legends as Noah, since the stories are so similar.

That's about all I can think of... I know there was more I wanted to write about this morning, but I think most of it was from the dream I had at the end of the night, and it's since faded.

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Hilarious because it's true...

On one hand: Awesome video, and a lot of fun if you watch The Guild

On the other: Guild Season 3 XBox Live Exclusive? :(

Hopefully Live Silver gamers can get it... I'm not sure I want to pay a Gold fee as soon as I get my 360... I don't play enough.

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School Stuffs.

So as I'm entering my 9th semester back at Uni, I'm looking over what all I still have left to do. And it honestly scares me.

Everything up until now has been pretty basic and simple... Learn how to use while/for loops to sort an array, and map out simple graphics in a Java pane... Re-teach myself how to do simple integrals and derivatives, and learn how to apply those to multiple variables for things like TNB frames and Gradients...

But now? TPL, where I have to learn 4-5 new programming languages. Humanities I, which looks to cover everything that ever happened, one week per society/culture. And with essay writing, which I always want to go either 50 pages over and run out of time, or half as long as is requested.

And then, to take this stuff out into the real world? Where mistakes can be made? I'm afraid enough of making a mistake on something as simple as a SaMBa server for the house, I can't imagine trying to write some Biotech software for a hospital, or trajectory planning for a rocket/shuttle... And forget engineering a bridge or coaster, that could kill lots of people, not just a few. All if I missed something.

I'd say I need to get into Academia instead, but anymore I fear the High Schools (since they must be all horrible now... Metal detectors and cameras all over my old HS.) and I'd be in my 80's by the time I could get around to getting a PhD for teaching at the College level.

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So the band's last show was recorded by the promoter to use for promotions for next year...

I just got our copy.

I've listened to 30 seconds of each song and I'm not sure I'm even going to give it to the rest of the band. It's that bad.

Bleh. :(

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Meme-style question, but without all the trickery...

Given your choice, preference, nicknames, and such:

1) What would your wartime pseudonym be? (Nom de Guerre)
2) What would your writing pseudonym be? (Nom de Plume)
3) What would your performance pseudonym be? (Nom de Stage?)
4) What would your competitive eating pseudonym be? (Nom de Nom Nom)

I think I'd just use my LJ name for all of the above, though as anyone familiar with my band knows, I already have the opportunity to use a Nom de Stage, and choose not to.

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Origins 2009 - The Review

We'll start out with the easy bits:

Arrived and Registered about 1PM.
Watched last 30-45 minutes of Geekin'
Watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

Played a round of The Settlers of Catan
Played a round of Hey, That's My Fish!
Helped out with the smithee_awards' Buttons on the Breezeway.
Played a round of Morton's List
Dinner with the Smith-ka-teers

Catan seminar, found out about The Kids of Catan.
Geocaching seminar, found out about the art of Tupperware Hide and Seek.
Dealer Room Spelunking
Post-Smithees until 3AM

Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555: The Movie!: The Trilogy! (...or NAMBLA </JonStewart>)
North Market lunch
Dealer Room Spelunking
Dinner with the Smith-ka-teers

All in all, I didn't really get much done in the way of playing this trip, but there were so many mistakes with the events in the book that it's hard to say what actually took place. The Smithees were in Ballroom 3, then the Hyatt Ballroom, then Ballroom 3... The book said 8PM, but it actually started at 7. sgtrocknroll showed up for a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer game, only to find out that it wasn't Buffy in any sense. It was a D&D 4th Ed game with no High-School aged vampire slayers involved.

But the weekend is almost over, and other than wanting to stick around later than sgtrocknroll wants to in order to hit the Art Gallery and see if I won a Mayfair drawing in the Dealer's Room, I got to hit most of what I wanted to that was listed in the schedule. But based on the game selection this year, I would say I should be able to just run pre-printed Hero and D&D 3rd Ed modules and have nearly-full tables. Most of the games seem to be Call of Cthulu or Gurps or the same 2-3 Shadowrun games over and over. There is the occasional odd system, but definitely bent towards the horror or D&D-but-more-complex-or-at-least-just-different-dice genres.

And the album is one step closer... I have the artwork for the front cover done, and explosiverain should have the disc and the artwork for the inside cover done or very close. If I get the order in tomorrow night, we should have the disc by the 8th, so long as there is no shipping mistakes. Cutting it a little close for taste, but it works.


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