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Nothing! Absolutely Nothing!

That's what is going on in my brain. I've got a P(iece) O(f) S(guess) computer here that doesn't want to agree with me. I can't narrow down the problem to motherboard or hard drive... It just keeps throwing Windows system files. I'm going to just exchange the drive to the manufacturer if this keeps it up much longer....

Meanwhile, still sitting at home alone. Not much has changed there besides the discussion with the elf. And that appears to have gone no further than just that discussion. At least the roommate's ex is no longer here... I just hope she didn't take his key (on purpose would be even worse.). Knowing him, it's in his pocket and he just didn't check, though.

Short on rent this month... Had to borrow money. Roommate owes me BIG TIME. Other than that, I'm severely bored. I wish I could practice drumming, but it's Midnight...

Speaking of which, I have to be at work in a little under 8 hours. Sleep would be a very good thing. ;)
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