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Well, brief update, then back to homework....

A) Things with DW are still going well.  Went to dinner last night.  Tried new restaurant, had fun.

B) Things with Elf are still going poorly.  Haven't heard from her since Friday.  Rather worried, and hope everyting's okay.  She's not answering her phone when I call again, which I expected, and hasn't been on IM either.

C) If I didn't already know that he not only is lacking tact, but in fact has negative tact, A.D.A.M.'s comment on the situation with Elf would have gotten him a trip to the E.R.  Or at the very least a good shiner.

This brings me to a point which has been irritating me. For those of you local, you will treat the elf with every bit of respect that is due a friend of mine. I don't care if she never speaks to me again. Period. I have seen fit to put her in my circle of very close friends, and I would hope you respect me enough to respect that judgement. The "Alberta" jokes are okay, as are the Dave ones. I'll admit that the situation deserves it. But she's still a person and a friend, and some comments made lately are ignoring that fact. I realize that her and I's relationships haven't left the best taste in anyone's mouths, but I know her better than y'all. If you have a gripe with her personality, I'm not saying you have to LIKE her, just show her respect.
Tags: herself the elf, soapboxing for fun and profit
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