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A Bucketful of Grarf vs. Good Times....

For the past few months, Chad and the Elf have been talking about her moving to Ohio.

This move was supposed to entail two friends being closer together so they could actually visit, and possibly a third rekindling of the relationship. Discussions were had on activities, and possibilites if the relationship happened and worked out. Or at least, that's Chad's perspective.

Then Chad met DW. Chad went on three dates with DW. He and the elf were not exclusive, heck, they weren't even dating yet, so he did not see a problem with this. However, he didn't want to be sneaking around "behind the Elf's back" and told her that he had been on three dates with a girl.

This did not go well.

So Chad is now in a jam.... On one hand, the Elf has improved her station in life emotionally miles from where she used to be. There is love already in place, and a lot of respect. However, with her viewing the relationship rekindling not as a possibility but a planned future, she's invested herself emotionally and can't go back to "friends" mode easily or soon, nor does she want to. Plus she's the only person to call Chad at 3:30 in the morning just to hear his voice and say "I Love You."

On the other, DW seems exceptionally nice, does not require a major relocation since she just went through one to be in Ohio, and is fun to hang out with. She's already hinting at attachment, and there's signs that it is mutual.

So Chad has a pretty obvious dilemma, right? Under normal circumstances, he'd let both ride until one resolved itself or a decision was forced. This time, however, the "forced" happened immediately...

DW doesn't want to continue on a dating-level relationship if Chad is just going to leave her for the Elf later. The Elf doesn't want to continue any relationship with Chad at this point if it isn't a romantic one. So the decisions are:

Keep dating DW, not talk to Elf for forseeable future. Break Elf's heart.

Commit to Elf, keep DW as friend. Risk yet another nasty breakup with the Elf, hurting her more than even previous option would.

Ditch both for the swimsuit model-looking girl that he saw last night at Annabell's. (Okay, I had to find SOMEWHERE to add in some humor.)

I'd post song lyrics as the Elf tends to do, but I don't think there's a song titled, "Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle".
Tags: herself the elf, lyrically insane, the prettier gender
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