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Band-Aid and the Party of Doom

What a weekend that was.  (Yes, I meant to post this yesterday.  Yes, I completely forgot what I was going to post until davywavy mentioned something in an e-mail earlier.)

     Friday night, went out and hung out with Rose & Twitch.  (See previous entry.)  Had fun, stayed out way too frackin' late.

     Saturday....  Got a happy-fun package from overseas, now have 3 more B'z albums.  Listened to one while paying bills and cleaning up my room somewhat.  Went to visit A.D.A.M.'s Mom (who hasn't been in the best of health) and had a nice extended conversation with her, her caretaker, and my sister.

     Then went to the show.  Started out like a decent show, soundman was willing to mic up my bass amp (unlike most others, who want to plug my bass straight into the PA and then loop it into my amp so I can hear myself), and we were ready to go for the 9:00 show.

     Then the soundman tells us to go on at 8:55 with a fairly empty bar.  We hold out a few more minutes and then get going, figuring we've got an hour, we can play a few extras that aren't on our set list, and go from there.  Three songs in, the crowd starts shuffling down towards the stage, toes start getting tapped, and then the monitors get a weird crackling in them and we can't hear anything.  Two songs later he finally starts looking into the problem.  Another three songs later he figures out, "Oh, it would help if I didn't put his guitars in the monitor."  Problem solved, but the crowd got tired of waiting on troubleshooting and bad sound quality and migrated back to the bar..

     Get a little over half-way through the setlist and get a two-song warning.  Now, I'm thinking "The set list was 45-50 minutes, we've got an hour-plus set, there's no way" but with no clocks or watches to check, we took his word for it.  Stop playing, tear everything off stage, then I turn my phone back on.  9:38 PM.  Cut half an hour short.  The kicker?  The next band wasn't anywhere near ready yet, and didn't go on until after 10:15.  (It takes us 3-5 minutes to get off stage, and under 15 to setup if we're hurrying.)  Get dragged out for Karaoke, (In a Country Bar? WTF?) and tolerate an hour before going home.  The high point of the day?  Getting a 3:30AM wake-up call from the Elf saying her computer is all better.

    SUNDAY, the Day of Grarf.  Playing a housewarming party at 3-ish.  Have to be there to set up by 2.  Pick up Twitch, who didn't go to bed the night before.  Load all the PA equipment up a flight of stairs, through the narrow passage between Dad's car and Mom's flower bed, and into the cars and trucks.  Set up the entire rig, (which involved finding out we were short two speaker wires somehow) and sound check.  During the one-song sound check, a police officer stops at the end of the driveway and starts waving.  After no one else notices him, I tell the band to stop.  "Turn it down a little!"  "Sorry, officer!  Will do!"  We all turn down about two notches, check levels for five notes, then set down the instruments until the party starts.  Chris turns his amp almost completely off, and plays some accoustic-style riffs for a while just to noodle.  Ten minutes later, same officer comes walking up the driveway.  "I told you to turn down once, now we've had complaints from blocks away.  If I have to come back, someone's leaving in handcuffs."  Chris stops playing (and his volume was below what an accoustic would be) and says "Sir" trying to get his attention from the homeowner for a second.  We turn to the homeowner, "What did they say about volume when you called the police to arrange the party?"  "I didn't call the police, I just invited all my next-door neighbors, and those who weren't coming said a band would be okay."

     Now, for future reference for everyone, when a band tells you to notify the police in advance of an outside show, you notify the police.  1000W PA amplifiers can only turn down so far and tend to carry even at low volumes.  And while we still don't know what Akron's law is, at home in Tallmadge, if you can hear it 80 feet beyond the property line and there's a complaint from "someone of average sensibilites", then you're busted.  And we were just as likely targets for arrest as the homeowner.
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