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Well, I hope the Moogle sticks around in the state when he moves instead of going out-of-state with the rest of his family. As little as I understand what he's saying sometimes, he has quite a bit of insight sometimes. Just enough to make me think about things I probably should anyways.

Things are looking a bit better around the apartment. Rent is so tight this month that I'm borrowing to pay it, but things should be much better next month. (Two fourty-hour plus weeks in a row means I'll be able to repay the loan quickly and pay off extra on drums and other debt.) I'm a bit worried about how my roommate is going to be able to repay me the loan I have to get to pay rent, but he'll figure it out somehow.

The elf gave me an awful shock yesterday. I'm still not sure if it was just from events of the day or if it was an actual thought, but either way, I hope I find out soon. I'm still not sure which would be better, either. Let's just say I've always wanted to see the Pacific.
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