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A journal post about my journal... Kinda meta-journaling, I guess.

Well, I have done two things to my journal that y'all may be interested in.

First, I have enabled tagging for anyone on my friends list.  You think one of my entries needs a tag, go ahead and add it.  (It's one of the buttons at the top of the comments page.)

Second, I went through my friends list this morning and added a bunch of interests to my own.  However, I need a little help with that.

On my info page, you'll see my list of interests.  Unfortunately, as most of you know, I'm a rather nieve person, and am not up on all the latest terminology and slang...

So I'm asking everyone to make sure I'm actually saying what I think I'm saying.  For example, while role playing with my significant other in the bedroom is fun and interesting, it's not the kind of thing I want to advertise on my info page.  However, I rather enjoy a good game of D&D, so role playing as a non-sexual passtime is one of my interests....  However, there is "roleplaying" "role playing" and "role-playing" and I'm not sure if one of them carries a connotation that I may not be aware of.  Hence why I need everyone's help.

EDIT: Added new icons, found on reddwarficons.
Tags: caverns and crabgrass, playing a different role, so long and thanks for all the posts, tagged and returned to the wild
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