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This is going to be an interesting weekend.  Aunt and Uncle are in town, haven't heard from them in a long time... gonna wait until they ring me to go visit, though.  They're always on the move and it's not like I have excessive amounts of free gas right now to chase them down.

Trying to figure things out as far as dating goes...  Every girl I meet is either really uninterested, or wants to make getting me a date a personal project, complete with making me over.  I like how I look, thank you very much.  :(  I'd love to find someone who likes how I act and dress and want me to stay that way.

I've been told that I am described as being extremely abrasive when one first meets me, but then I become a whole lot of fun to be around after one gets to know me.  I'd like to know when this happened, exactly, because I was completely unaware of it.  Not that I would change it, but it would be nice to know when I changed and figure out why.  I know how I would like to act and think, but it doesn't work that way.  I've decided to chalk that one up to "Life in General".

I think I'm going to take a small nap, then head over to X's to work on some HTML.
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