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Well, last night was filled with Nightwish-y goodness.  Spent an hour in their fourms, just reading threads as their topics came of interest, found a good number of their videos being officially made available and generally just geeked out.  And I think I may have made a Nightwish convert out of pteryx , but we'll see.  ^_^

ATTENTION RECORD LABELS:  I will openly admit to downloading large amounts of Nightwish from P2P networks.  I now own ALL SIX of their albums, and would not have bought them had I not found the band through Kazaa first.  You made money off of that.  (Moxy Fruvous is another that I found through accident on P2P, and I now own 4 of their albums.  B'z, 6 albums.  I could go on and on, but that's another discussion.)

Sunday is booked up with filming a few extra scenes for the movie, and then Tesla that evening at House of Blues.  All in all, looks to be a VERY fun day.

My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever
Tags: lyrically insane, rock and roll creation, soapboxing for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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