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The weight of the world is inversely proportional to the exposure to female companionship...

The Elf has been rather depressed the past two or three days, and won't tell me what's wrong... Actually, won't tell me anything more than what's in her away messages.  I'm starting to get rather worried.

Unfortunately, an emergency trip to see what's up, even if it was financially feasible, isn't possible right now.  My 'rentals are in Columbus right now, so Dad can have some time with his Sister.  This has definitely not been a good year for my family.  I don't know how Grampa and Dad are going to deal with it, since they're the ones that are getting hit the hardest, with Mom a close second.

Just a running tally for those playing the home game, we lost my Grampa's youngest sister late last fall to cancer.  Then his first-cousin that he grew up with had a heart attack two weeks before Gramma was diagnosed with cancer.  Gramma passed away June 6th, and now my Dad's losing his closest sister to breast cancer.  And his youngest brother was having health problems, and I haven't heard if those were resolved yet.

Now a major point of note to make is Dad and Gramma's relationship.  There has never been a mother-in-law like Gramma.  (Either, really, but Gramma R is a topic for a different day.)  I honestly believe that if it wasn't for her, Dad would not have stuck around in AA as long as he did, and stayed sober for as long as he has.  And her memory will probably be enough in and of itself to keep him sober the rest of his life.  They would take turns saying Grace at holiday dinner tables, sit and talk for hours about their faith.  The "-in-law" didn't apply.  Dad had two Mothers who loved him equally, plain and simple.

So, to sum everything up, The Elf has me worried, I am worried about my Dad and Grampa, and I am poor.

Give me money or I eat zoethe 's hamburger.
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