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I know the answer, but what was the question again?

Well, given that I have 50 user icons, and none of them say "Depressed" or "Ennui" or the like, I need suggestions for more icons. (Happy ones accepted, too.)   Pre-existing ones are fine.  (I ripped off the Bruce Campbell, Office Space, animated Hiro and Chrono,  and HomeStar icons.  The others I either made or modified.)

I really need to break through this apathetic attitude I've had lately.  (Lately = the past 7 years or so.)  I get home and sit, and am bored, and have no desire to do anything in particular.  I have those rare few days that I actually want to go do something on my own, or get excited over something, but not often enough.

Last Friday I got on the treadmill and walked at a fairly brisk pace for 15 minutes.  I felt pretty good for the rest of the day, and decided I should do that on a daily basis.  What's 15 minutes that would otherwise be spent sitting around doing nothing?  Yet since I've still sat around doing nothing, letting Grampa's treadmill gather more dust.  (He never should've let Gramma sell his exercise bike.  He would actually use that.)

Is anyone familiar with that feeling of being drained you get when standing over a sink full of hot soapy water while doing dishes in an enclosed kitchen?  Yeah, that.
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