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Ennui, or Bob the Towel is Unused

Yet another personal whinging post.  Feel free to disregard as appropriate.

This evening is a bust....  And I'm surprised I'm wanting to do anything right now other than sleep.  But for me the will to stay up has always been an odd one.

I had every intent to spend this wonderful evening out of the house.

Sunday gaming group wanted to go see F4 today.  They suggest 1PM Matinee.  I suggest Drive-In.  Same price, twice as many movies.  One person has to work, though, and even then, he will only go to Drive-Ins that don't have make-out patrol and only with a date.

So I call A.D.A.M.  He's bitchy because I disagree with him on the diagnosis of x's computer.

Girl from Cleveland I went on a date with a few weeks ago isn't feeling well and can't go out.

Oldest sister isn't feeling well, backs out of going with me to see F4 again at drive-in.

No one else is home.  Twitch's Sister gives me M's phone number again.  I specifically don't bother writing it down.  M has made it pretty (and politely) clear that she wants little to do with me.

Blah.  I at least have cheered up some.

Side notes:

John Hazelton of Screen Daily, Terry Lawson of the Detroit Free Press:

The Incredibles(Creation Date: 2004) is an obvious and intentional rip-off/homage/tribute to Fantastic Four(Creation Date: 1961).  Your licenses for being allowed to state your opinion on a movie are hereby revoked for failing to notice this in your overly pretentious reviews of the latter.
Tags: funny books, soapboxing for fun and profit, the prettier gender
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