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Here we are again.

Yet another year goes by where the boss and his family (read: half the office staff) goes on vacation in the wonderous hills of Tennessee.  Luckily this year we have another sucker employee around to help.

On the upside, there is a trip planned tomorrow to go see nicto_the_sane.  During which time we may or may not pop in at Origins.  The problem with that is that A.D.A.M. is bringing his non-gaming friend of the female persuasion, and apparently he would like to keep seeing her without a restraining order.  Plus he also feels that $25-30 for a one-day-pass is an expensive endeavor.

Tonight is going to be rather interesting.  I currently have no plans, have a computer that I need to get ready for recording purposes, and two loads of laundry that need to get done sooner rather than later.  $20.00 says that someone stops by or calls and drags me out of the house.  Of course, now that I've said that, it won't happen.

Other than that, not much else I can think of right now. Other than I opened tagging on my blog to one and all who I have deemed "friend".

mmmmm.... caffiene
Tags: bits 'n bytes, caverns and crabgrass, eileen dolittle, playing a different role, rock and roll creation, tagged and returned to the wild
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