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Well, despite my better judgement, (since I'll use this constantly now) I have now installed a client proper on my laptop at work.  This will make things easier, as I no longer have to remember to change the time on the web form before posting, since I'll leave it open while editing for a good few hours.

Meanwhile, I've got a few things left to do around here before I feel caught up.  Swap out one tower, order phones and phone wire to re-wire our new building, and then upgrade our anti-virus to the new version they just sent us a nice shiny license for.

But first, track down the GRUB project team to find out who to write a very large check to, since GRUB saved my backside on Saturday.  The lesson learned on Saturday is when upgrading a system from Debian Woody to Debian Sarge, heed the warnings that LILO's configuration file layout changed drastically.  Two hours of tinkering trying to get into the system to fix LILO were fruitless.  Fifteen minutes with GRUB and the system actually appears to be booting faster.

Now, to get ahold of Twitch and force him to get an LJ account.  His soapboxing and book/cd reviews are too good to just be thrown about verbally in the group of friends.
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