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Blah. (Also known as "Life doesn't suck, with teeth or otherwise.")

Yeah, I'm up late.  Sue me.

It's 4:42 AM as I type this, and I'm rather bummed.  And just luckily enough I happened to find my "I hate the world and especially women" CD that I burned somewhere in the realm of 4 years ago.

Only I have the mad Skillz to run not one, not two, but  three women out of a bar with merely one sentence.  And the sentence had no bad language, innuendo, entendre, or outrageous requests, just a humble request for a dance.  Then afterwards have the wonderful luck of escorting Twitch and his date for the evening around (which I didn't mind in the slightest) followed by dropping them off in a park and keeping myself busy for 45 minutes (which I did).

Oh, well.  I'm crashing now.
Tags: the prettier gender
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