Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,


Well, Bills are due, rent is coming up, everyone's broke. Lovely, isn't it?

I am hoping I did the right thing yesterday. Almost a year ago, I sat and wrote a song. Nothing fancy, nothing overly amazing, just a whole bunch of lyrics that appeared to work together. I handed it to Chris to make into a future Mad Apple song. (www.rhiannonweb.com/MadApple) After doing so, however, I wondered if the subject matter was really something I wanted public. It's not pornographic or anything, just... very personal to me. It's too late now, I'm not going to pull the lyrics out from under Chris, but elf will hear the song... and when she does I don't know if I should just sit there, hide, or run screaming.

Well, time to pay bills, ship some required packages, and get my butt in gear...
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