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I feel the need to update...

And yet this window sat empty for over an hour while I stared at the screen and went "Blah".

Anyway, two nights ago I had a nightmare... First one in over 7 years, and nothing I can think of from life, as I recognized nobody, nor any vehicles, nor any locations in the slightest.

I've been wiped all week, sitting at work nodding off at my desk and yawning. I'm not even getting my normal second wind at night (first wind? I'm never really too awake before then.) and have opted to go to bed about an hour and a half early all week. Methinks I need some form of motivation. Either that or to not go out until 3 AM on both Friday and Saturday nights and get up early the next morning both days.

Well, off to do more yawning and stretching and try to at least stay awake even if I'm not getting much done.
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