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I am Chad. *nod, nod*

Hooray for a day of not really having much more brain capacity than that, yet getting a decent amount of work done nonetheless.

Supplies closet got straightened around this morning, vacuumed for the secretary, got the boss's camera reconnected (just need to find out why it's not assigning a drive letter...) and after writing this post, our maintenance staff is getting an upgrade. I should hope they like going from 64MB of RAM to 256MB, and PIII 700 to Athlon 1100. And listening to this new hold music they had me put on, once the MP3 player comes back from a warranty check-up I have a ChronoTrigger CD at home that I should be able to sneak part of on here without anyone noticing.

Went on a date last night, rather fun evening. I think she's somewhat less enthused with me than she was, but we'll see what happens. Definitely a cutie, and with a good future ahead of her. Her daughter is going to be a handful someday, and if the trip to the park is any indication, an explorer's mindset with an already quick wit and no-fear attitude at only 18 months.

On the other hand, elf-chan may be moving to Ohio. I'm hoping she does, because I really am looking forward to having her in the area. I need a good female friend nearby, and she's obviously my first choice. Plus we will get to know each other even better, and I can drag her out of her elf-cave once in a while. Of course, I'm a bit worried about Grampa with that situation. He asked why she was so reclusive, so I told him that she's not very comfortable around people she doesn't know, and he took that to mean she was uncomfortable with him and Gramma in particular. I'm trying to correct the situation, but once Grampa has something stuck in his mind...

Work is calling, and while I'd like to wax philosophical or political for a while rather than just posting a status update, I'll just have to work on that later. Tonight is laundry, and Grampa's insurance agent is stopping by to get the paperwork for Gramma's life insurance finished, and she took out a policy on me when I was a toddler that I need to transfer over to myself. She certainly had the entire family planned for in case of almost any emergency.
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