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Ponderances and remembering.

Gramma doesn't have too much longer, but we really don't know when. Grampa hasn't left her side other than to take a shower in weeks.

I've been doing a lot of thinking because of all of this. Gramma is so strong in her faith, it's inspiring. So I went to service on Sunday morning. Gramma was so happy to hear that. I, however, sat there uncomfortably for a little over an hour. Learning about how much evil people have done in God's name makes it hard. I have a relationship with God, close, yet distant. I ask for help occasionally, but for the most part I try to follow what teachings feel right. There is too much stuff that is taught in church that in my mind goes counter to others... Love thy neighbors, unless they be heathen or homosexual? No, he just said "Love thy neighbors". Period.

I dunno. Maybe I've seen too much of the world. Maybe I haven't seen enough yet. I have seen enough to see that this is basically babbling, so I'll stop now and continue when my thoughts are more collected.
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