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Ilpalazzo Is Watching You!

The contents of this Excel Saga videogram are licensed for private home viewing purposes only and are protected under the terms of both U.S. Code (Title 17, Sections 501 and 506) and the 1998 ACROSS treaty (AKA the Don't Toucha My Toot-toot Pact).

Under the express orders of Ilpalazzo, supreme leader of ACROSS, any unauthorized duplication, public screening or use of the packaging as a coaster, musical instrument, or contraceptive device is strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible, most probably involving chicken feathers, cod liver oil, and a very, very depraved walrus.

(In other news, my Data drive is out of my system currently.  Going to be burning a backup and want nothing to interfere, just in case the other drive is likewise faulty, which I doubt.  The faulty drive is being taken to work tomorrow to begin its sanitization, as I decided after doing the math that it wasn't going to be done until sometime Thursday.)

[edit:]And am I the only one, upon reading that copyright warning, who wondered how they got Douglas Adams to write it for them? Or do I just have Douglas on the brain?
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