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Okily dokily....

Previous post about females? Yeah, well #1 was already a non-issue, and knowing more about #3, I don't want to go there, at least not anything past friends. So I'm back to #2 and an ex who is getting less psycho the less time I spend with her. And in all honesty, that ex has more baggage than the Elf and I combined and doubled. Something I do not want to deal with.

And after everything else, what little luck I had with personals seems to have dried up, too.

The Elf is cool, as always, though I worry still. One of these days I'm going to have to give her something rather large, useful, and expensive. She deserves it for everything she's helped me through over the years. A visit this summer is well past due, too. Probably start planning that after she gets home from E3.

On the other hand, Gramma is doing rather well. Had dinner at Mom & Dad's yesterday, and she was rather happy that she may soon have the option of going back off of Insulin and onto oral meds and dietary control. The insulin is a really big worry for her that she'd rather not have to deal with. And whatever she's happiest with and most comfortable with, I'm behind 100%.

A.D.A.M.'s Mom is home from the hospital now, too. A big relief on one hand, because it means she's getting better. A downer on the other, though, as their insurance won't pay for a visiting nurse, and she's still paralyzed from the stomach down. It seems like they have everything under control, and if they need help, I hope they don't forget to call.
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