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Trying to start a good habit is as tough as stopping a bad one.

Such as updating.

When I am away from the computer, I can think of fun, interesting updates to post. Rants on politics, theory, math, etc.

When I'm finally sitting in front of the computer, my brain immediately flushes any and all interesting thoughts, leaving me a poor, vapid shell that rambles on about stuff that nobody else really wants to read.

In the meantime, someone needs to do a side-by-side photo comparison of the two Hitchiker's casts (TV vs. Movie).

This was kind of interesting, and personally, the new Arthur fits what I envisioned much better. The other actor had too square of a chin, and doesn't look disheveled enough. I actually am not sure which Ford I prefer, both did so well.

Meanwhile, the boss said something about a quick jaunt to get some construction plans from the display room. Off to get my leopard-taming gear.
Tags: so long and thanks for all the posts
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