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Look the Other Way

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do with myself.

Mmm... Ham & Swiss.

Anyway, there is a beautiful goth girl who was interested in me. I didn't notice. 7 MONTHS later I figure it out, and ask her out on a date. We have fun, date ends on up note. She has family problems, I talk to her on the phone, but she's giving me the distinct impression she's stuck with no babysitter, so I only mention going out in passing a few times.

Then she gets through the familial issues, and starts going steady with some other guy. And apparently is blaming me for a comment I made that she mis-understood and disappearing on her. O.o I dunno. Yeah, I did kinda disappear on her, but it was because she was always busy and I didn't want to pester her.

Going out again on Friday with TJK. Seeing Hitchiker's with her on Saturday was great. I don't know if there's a relationship there, but there's definitely a lot of fun. She's funny and goofy and has a lead foot and a great sense of humor. Plus she likes video games and anime, so there's plenty for us to do.

Throw a new wrench into the mix, another cute raven-haired girl is joining our Sunday D&D group. Not in my normal idiom (She's skinny, walks in the room the same day as her chest, etc.) but cute and interesting nonetheless.

I swear that the search for companionship is going to drive me nuts. Too many choices, not enough interest. Or something like that.
Tags: caverns and crabgrass, the prettier gender
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