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Stupid AOL-Time-Warner

Well, RoadRunner has been down since late Sunday. I've had the opportunity to check e-mail three times in five days, and it's starting to get old. What I can't figure out is how my service can just blink off without warning and stay off, yet my neighbors at the bottom of the hill are fine. (And it's only a fifty yards up the hill.)

I'm going to be moving again. X and Army Boy are looking for a roommate, stress levels at 72-3 aren't very good, and it's not like my living there is getting anything accomplished for me. At least over at X's we'll have a nearly soundproofed room to set up the drum kits and guitars and other musical equipment in, and he'll keep me driven on the exercise program I got him started on. (What? Two straight hours a day of Dance Dance Revolution is hard work!) Plus the reduced rent and living expenses will help tremendously. I don't know about this year, but I'll actually be able to afford to go all-out for Sugoi-Con next year. More details once the moving van starts loading. (Late August through Late December.)
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