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I really don't know where to begin... So much I want to vent, so much I want people to hear, but not have to deal with... Sometimes I wish there was a "Everyone But Friends" option as opposed to a "Friends Only", but that would require people to always be logged on.

The second-worst part of today was going through my cell phone and cleaning the phone book... Four girls who once showed interest and now no longer return my calls have had their numbers sent into the ether. I've gone from ecstatic and finally past the winter depression on Saturday to sitting here tonight taking a little comfort from IMing with the Elven One... And the total number of possibly-datable girls in my phone went from 5 to 1. I have a date with her on Friday again, but we'll see. Things with her are strained and forced at best.

Worst part I won't bother anyone with... It's most likely nothing, but a source of worry until we find out for sure. Familial issues and whatnot. If it becomes an actual issue, you'll hear about it.
Tags: herself the elf, the prettier gender
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