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So tired... Must go to bed early tonight.

And not just physically. I'm getting tired of being alone. Spring is obviously on us or will be shortly.

And the really sad thing is trying to find someone. I've got one girl who's interested in me, but is currently trying to put her life back together in a major way. Between dealing with her ex over custody issues, find a "real" job as opposed to being dual-self-employed, I'm just not sure if that's somewhere I want to be. At least it's a good thing that she came to me first. I don't do well with subtlety.

Meanwhile, last night A.D.A.M. and I go out to celebrate his 25th birthday (Which is actually today) and end up at Annabell's. See this cute raven-haired girl over in the corner, laughing and smiling and wearing an interesting combination of a hoodie sweatshirt and pink calf-length pants. Figure "why not?" when I hear her ask her friends if either one is getting up for another beer. I ask the bartender what the girl's drinking, and then order one. The bartender goes to pour the beer, and the friend goes up to get the batch. The bartender hands the beer to the girl's friend, and my "in" is gone, along with $2. She gives me a glance that I'm completely unable to read, then goes back to conversing with her friends. Later, she goes to the jukebox and picks out some songs. I figure this would be a good time to say "Hi", and get "Thanks for the beer." I tell her she's welcome and try to think of what to say next, and in that space of a few seconds she finishes with her last song and walks back to the table with nary a smile.
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