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St. Patty's Day....

Well, yesterday was an interesting point. Maybe not revolutionary, but interesting.

First, Guitar Center found it appropo to put the local music shops out of business by opening a location in Fairlawn. People were driving 40 minutes to the Cleveland location before, and now it's in-town. Run up there and buy $330 worth of equipment. (I had shopping lists from the band, so really I only spent about $100 after everyone else pays me back.) Twitch stood outside with me in the cold waiting.

After that, we moved Twitch out of his house. He's hurting bad over his ex, and Wednesday just made it worse, so he just wanted out. We got everything in two loads, thanks to A.D.A.M. Meanwhile, Twitch vented.

Then we went to Annabell's. This little hole in the wall is actually a fun bar to go to, and normally has lots of interesting people and some decent eye candy.

And last night, as usual, none of them were interested in me.

Granted, I can't say I tried very hard. I made eye contact with everyone that looked interesting, and they all looked away or waved at someone over my shoulder. One actually turned around and ran off the other direction.

I was an Irishman (Okay, 1/4 Irish, but...) with a Welshman (100%) and a Scotsman (at least 50%) and they both got more attention paid to them than me. I didn't even get a kiss on the cheek.

I swear, I need a shirt that says:

Kiss me, I'm Irish!
(And I'm in a Band, And I have a Job, And I have Money)
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