Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,


As for the date Friday...
Dave & Busters should be hung out to dry. She wasn't allowed in because she's 18. They're an arcade and steakhouse! 18+ is their target audience. So they've got a bar... Require wristbands for people who want to drink.

Beyond that, the date went well, if a bit expensive. I think we would have had as good a time if not better time doing less expensive things. Definitely not eating at Ruby Tuesday's again, though. Good food, expensive bill.

I showed my inexperience, too... silly me kept waiting for some hint at when to give her a goodnight kiss and ended up just giving her a peck on the cheek instead. And the peck missed and got her in the temple. Yay. Fun.

Solitary today turned out well, if short. I actually ran out of things to ponder. Tried meditating a bit, but bugs and other hikers got in the way. I would have been fine at my original spot, but a cranky forest ranger didn't like having anyone there. (I even cleaned up the litter in the area and that's the thanks I got.)
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