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Two sequences of events made yesterday a rather not-good day:

Event 1, I went to enroll at Kent State. They said they'd be happy to have me, but if I didn't go back to Akron first and fix my mistakes there (A mess of F's), that I could pretty well forget getting into a post-grad program. I've yet to confirm this with anyone. (They basically said the 1.1 I had at Akron U would keep me out of most any program.) I would normally not have issues with this, if it weren't for the fact that I've already tried going back to Akron U and can not get any kind of info or phone calls back from them.

Event 2 is much more messy....
Jurai (Athlon 1600+, Windows XP, etc) was starting to have issues with the 200GB FAT32 slave drive... Not wanting to delete folders, etc. Thought it was a glitch in Windows XP.

Tamaran gets the 120GB boot drive, freshly formatted, and the 200GB slave drive with my documents, e-mail, bookmarks, etc stored on it for backup purposes. I install XP x64 beta, and still have some weird issues with 200 GB drive. Then notice that the DVD-R I restored from was corrupt and had started trashing my e-mail and bookmarks. Re-format 120GB and go back to Windows XP, figuring I can copy everything over to the 120 once XP is back up and running.

Wednesday, I keep getting Disk Check warnings from WinXP for the slave drive. They appear to be doing nothing but making the problem worse. Whip out my trusty Norton Disk Doctor, and remember after three checks that under NT5/XP it does nothing but spawn CHKDISK, which is what was apparently causing problems already.

Take drive over to Drew's and set it up in x's tower. Boot to Suse 7.1 and run fsck.msdos. It segfaults. Boots to Win98 and run NDD off the Norton 2003 CD. It General Protection Faults itself. Run Scandisk in Windows. It locks up. NDD in DOS runs out of memory upon reaching the directory scan. Finally, get some results with Scandisk. It gets most of the way through the Directory scan, and has asked for an undo disk (Which I've never seen work, so I skipped it.) so I presume it's doing something, finally. Come back a few hours later and it's still at 94%. Hit "More Info" to make sure it hasn't locked up. "Out of Memory" pops up, then goes to the status screen....

500,000 (give or take) invalid directory entries deleted.

All of my documents, video and audio files dating back to 1996, my quickbooks file from when I was in business, my comic book database (RoW).... all gone. Piff.

I have the drive disconnected until I can figure out what to do. A friend is going to loan me his copy of PQMagic, but NDD has saved more hard drives than I can count, and failed here. I'm not holding out much hope.
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