Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

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Tamaran update

4" Cold Cathode lights have been ordered for inside the window.

Linux is running, but no nVidia drivers yet. Getting a weird compile error on the Kernel, and of course there's no pre-compiled kernel module for the nVidia cards on Debian. (I guess I could gank the Knoppix kernel packages...) I swear, the Linux kernel has a line in the make file "if user=cvincent then return_error(cryptic++)". I have NEVER been able to compile a working kernel by myself.

Meanwhile, all that's left for WinXP64 is finding an Anti-Virus and installing Unreal Tournament 2k4. (And FF7)

I'll wait on FF7 until the video profiles are fixed in the nVidia driver, though. 16x Aniso and 8x AA should make FF7 look really good, I hope.
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