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Network administration and the lost


Outlook for user "sbjr" (username changed to protect the innocent, or something.)
.pst file is in C:\Documents and Settings\sbjr\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook so as to move with roaming profiles.

.pst file moves properly with roaming profiles.

On the system in question (his desk) reminders only work on Saturday. (Sunday untested.) During the week, they will come up when Outlook is started, but then will not come back after being snoozed until the next day.

Logging in on a different system, the reminders work fine.

Have attempted
Delete & Rebuild of .pst file.
Removal of M-F recurring items.

Will attempt shortly:
Delete C:\Documents and Settings\sbjr\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\*
Delete C:\Documents and Settings\sbjr\Local Settings\*

Any clues?

On the other hand, Tamaran is running wonderfully, City of Heroes is great. Now if only I could find a Win64 Antivirus.....
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