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Tamaran lives!

Windows XP x64 is obviously not ready for prime time, but so far not too bad for a beta product. Now if only the Debian Sid AMD64 installer would recognize the Marvell Gigabit card. (I've seen the kernel module in the configuration before, but it must've not made it into the install image.) I'm going to download a full-install ISO later and try with that.

City of Heroes can run very smoothly at 1280x1024 with all details on. 3D Mark 2000 won't install, but 2001 looks great. 2003 has graphics overlay errors that would probably be fixed by turning on vsync, but I don't feel like paying for it just to be able to turn that on.

At this point I need a pair of 4" Cold Cathode lights for inside the door and some wire ties. That and a whole lotta luck installing everything.

The thing that really yanked my chain is the Live!/Audigy drivers for Win x64 are time restricted to May 25 (I think? I didn't pay close attention.) They are working great, but I can't see why they would restrict DRIVERS...

Well, at this point I need to install Winamp, my burning software, an IM client, and some form of AV still. But so far I'm most definitely pleased with the results.
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