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The novelty of this whole system still hasn't worn off. If it's lasted over an hour, it may stick after all. ;P

I'm sitting here with a sheet of dead tree in front of me, trying to write something to the wonderful girl who went walking and to dinner with me Monday night. It's a hard write. I found out that since she agreed to go on a date with me, her and her boyfriend decided to stay together after all, starting an 800 mile long-distance relationship. On one hand, I'm happy for her. On the other, she's the first girl since the elf that's made me feel weak in the knees just by being around her. What do I tell her? What can I tell her? She feels really bad about it, and I can understand why. But noticing that her eyes, like mine, turn from blue to grey when she's worried, at least I know she wasn't jerking me around.

She asked me to write a poem or letter to her... Maybe she's looking for an excuse? Although.... I've been too many excuses.... two redheads and the elf have used me as an excuse for moving on (or in one case, back) and it hasn't gone well before.
Tags: the prettier gender
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