Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Mod and Programming thoughts.

First, the case mod -

I'm calling local body shops today to find out if they'd be willing to do a case paint for me. I'm thinking metallic royal blue with a good gloss coat. (I know, a pain to keep clean. But I can run it through the car wash!)

The back side (under the motherboard) put the Debian logo in the appropriate color.

The front, I'm going to cut the door 1/4" in around the arch and put in a plexiglass window. I'll probably cut pre-paint and mount the window post-paint.

The side door, I'm going to leave the handle black, and from there I'm clueless. Either a logo of some sort or a window. I would need to cut for the window before painting, though. Last thing I want is to chip the paint while I'm dremeling.

The top of the case, I have three ideas. Number one is a portrait of Hiro from Lunar 2. Second is Locke from FF6. Third is Dr. Inertia, my character in City of Heroes. Problem is, if I drop CoH with as bad a taste as I did FFXI, then that would be stuck permanently.

Perhaps a combo of Alex, Hiro, Taeryan, Dr. Inertia and Locke on the top? Too bad there's no Amano artwork of Alex and Hiro to mimic.

On the programming side, I was thinking about learning Ook# or Brainf*ck. Any coding experience with either?
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