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Just signed up for MySpace, at the behest of a friend.

That is the klugdiest interface EVER. I'm sorry, but all the bad points of Live Journal, Yahoo, and TheOnion's personals site combined wouldn't make as bad of a site. Like adding friends. It says it sent it, but then in my pending friend's requests box, it shows nothing. It said I'd automagically be added to the friend who invited me, and vice-versa, but it didn't.

As for other statements, my FF1 (Origins) game is as follows:

All Lv.10

Keria - Warrior (you expected less, elf-chan?) 2-3 Hits, Max Damage: 160 non-crit.
Vaer - Monk 2-4 Hits, Max Damage: 140 non-crit, 222 With Haste and Crit.
Pteryx - WHM, 1-2 Hits, Max Damage: 30 non-crit, 50 Crit.
Kushu - BLM, 1 Hits, Max Damage: 19, both Crit and Non-Crit.

I had a quippy one-liner, but I forget what it is now.
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