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Stolen from eladria who in turn stole it from nash076

Post 15 facts about yourself, but five of them have to be made up. Everyone then guesses which are untrue. Then, post this in your journal and see if I can guess which ones you're bluffing about!

I will post answers tomorrow during lunch hour.

1) I failed out of the Gifted and Talented program in Middle School.
2) I have played Recorder, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Trombone, and Piano.
3) My school's team placed first in the College of Wooster SMAAC Competition.
4) I have been on TV, Radio, Newspaper, a CD, and a Movie.
5) I hold a rank of First Purple in Kwanmukan.
6) My SAT score was over 1400, and my ACT was 33.
7) I am a member of MENSA.
8) I have never met my biological father.
9) I own nearly 20 computers of various types.
10) I wrote a functional program at the age of 8.
11) I programmed and connected a VCR at the age of 8.
12) I can not remember not knowing how to read.
13) I can't whistle.
14) I work as a Network Administrator / SysAdmin.
15) I have an A+, MCSE, and NCP.
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