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I really must do this more often...

Meanwhile, the cable is out at home, which means that I currently can only access the internet at work. And there I can't do all the happy fun stuff I normally would, which normally includeds LJ posts.

However, I'm bored, don't want to do anything that's currently on my "List", and can use LJ to make me look busy.

Cable is supposed to be back on Wednesday-ish. Time Warner is teh suck. Of course, once they fix it and my fast-fast Road Runner is back up, then I'll go back to worshipping the ground they walk on for a day or two. It's funny how you get so used to having these things around that you don't realize it until they're gone? Complacency is a large problem with humans, and technology and quality of life is no exception. We get used to what we have, and no longer think of it as anything more than a given. Broadband, phone, electricity, running water. None of these are requirements of living, yet most people use the tap every day without considering the system that brings it to them, and how nice it is to have.

We're jaded to the world around us. When was the last time you marvelled at a light bulb, or the box that has no wires attached, yet you can hear people talking and playing music miles away from it? How about the leaves, that turn themselves upside-down as the rain is coming, and can feed a giant tree just by taking in air and sunlight? Or the tree that can afford to drop it's entire food source every fall, and then re-build in the spring?

And then the real amazing part of the 20th century, that we are just now starting to truly utilize... The ability of a simple-looking box to take a silver disc of nearly 5" in diameter, turn the microscopic divots in the bottom into zeroes and ones, send them over long strands of copper to someone on the other side of the country who can then use a similar box to turn those sounds into music that is so clear and well re-produced that it ALMOST sounds like you're actually there. And all of this can happen in the space of a matter of minutes. (A CD can be ripped full-quality and downloaded with a decent computer and internet connection in the space of about 90 minutes.)

Mother Nature is amazing. Human Technology is amazing. Consider that as you go through your day. And if you can come up with some way to make the two work together, then you shall truly change the world.
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