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Fun at work and more stuff.

Well, I just talked to elf's sister off and on today. I kinda wish I knew how to patch that rift, but there are things I know that I won't tell her sister, and without elf being willing to... Well, it's a big complicated mess, and giving one advice without spilling stuff told to me in confidence by the other is difficult. Luckily I haven't said anything I wasn't supposed to.

Meanwhile, I did this at work, which all in all was a rather slow day. I have one more computer complete, and two more built and waiting for Windows. Three more cases still empty and once those are filled, then I can move on to more important things. Two more computers set up at desks with everything looking hunky-dory. I noticed on one that I forgot to install a bunch of software (It has enough custom hardware that I don't trust the backup I made of the first one to be sufficient) so I'm making a general-purpose build sheet for all the computers here at work.

These are the things I think about at work. Or something. 10 minutes until I get to go to Staples with the boss to pick out the new fax machine and copier. With any luck, it will be the ones I've been looking at. I hope.
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