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Dateline: Akron, OH

Voted the "Best Road System in Ohio" by Men's Health magazine, Akron, Ohio has gained quite the ego, neglecting to so much as plow in many areas, even days after the worst blizzard in years.

Film at 11.

On the flip-side, I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for an entry to fill y'all in on news in my life. Truth be told, I'm not really sure if there's much worth telling.

We have entered the "Rock Wars" that a local club puts on. Not overly interested in the prize package, but we're more interested in seeing how well-recieved our music is overall. Anyone in the area on January 26th should check us out at the Voodoo Concert Club in Akron. As for future dates beyond that, I've been slacking.

On the band front, I have a website started, and need to register a domain name. Given that MadApple.com is taken, and I don't remember if .band went live, anyone have any suggestions?

Thursday morning I leave for Seattle for the weekend. Rather anxious, as the weekend is shaping up to be rather relaxing and entertaining. There is apparently much Anime that I need to catch up on, and it is the elf's intent to catch me up on as much as she can in 5 days. I honestly can't say which I'll enjoy more, the anime or being curled up on the couch/futon/whatever in front of the tv with the elf. Though, I would bet on the latter unless there's some amazingly good anime on deck.

Also, a rather interesting weekend unfolding in mid-February, but more about that later. Let's just say I may end up with an adventure on my Birthday next year.

In case I don't post anything before then, until next year!
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