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Fun, and a complete lack thereof.

I am sitting here, exhausted (in an existential sense. And therefore it carries over to physical as well.) I don't want to move, don't want to think.... But I don't want to sleep either, it feels like I should be doing something.

Meanwhile, I still don't know what's going on with school. I have heard nothing back as to whether or not I'm allowed to schedule classes. I need to go see someone in the Guidance department and see if they can help figure out where I'm at. Supposedly I needed to have my scheduling in last week, I think... One would think they would have sent me a scheduling book or something by now, though. The only thing I've gotten from Akron is from Financial Aid, and that was just a nastygram saying they're not giving me one dime until I pull up my GPA. That's it.

At least I have vaca to Seattle scheduled for the end of the year and some other things are settled. Though I really need to fix some finances. I am starting to lose all the "Ahead" I've gotten. Mostly due to spending too much on Christmas presents already. I guess this large stack of rebates would be something to work on, then.
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