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Le sigh...

Well, I did it. Taeryan of Fenrir is no more as of the 30th. I may get back to FFXI eventually, but for right now there's just no time. And even less desire. In all honesty, I may shop around for a different MMO to play, but for now there's too many stand-alone games that I haven't touched that I want to play.

Though I will say that UO, SWG, and WoW sound more appealing than FFXI... SWG has more customization and there's room for both combat freaks and people who want to spend more time crafting and running a business. And on SWG, missions are run as parties rather than an individual following behind one or two HL's who are doing all the fighting. And you can actually build a house and have people over. And your house changes the landscape and design of a city. FFXI seemed too much like a multi-player FF with no persistence to the world. If I was remotely interested in Star Wars, I would probably go with SWG... Show me a FF-esque version of SWG, and I'll check it out.

In other news, Happy Thanksgiving, all.
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