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Well, better news than even Wonderful calling. I've got a date for Friday night with (can't think of adjective to use as pseudonym since Wonderful is kinda taken, though slowly becoming a misnomer.). Who I've been afraid to ask out for over a year. And what's scary is that Twitch originally told me she was off limits, (Very close friends, she's basically his sister.) and tonight helps me through the lack of words to ask.

What's so great about her, you ask? She loves video games, especially Sonic and Lunar, my two major weaknesses (Lunar in the bargin bin? Great! I could use a fifth copy. Sonic which? Got it. ;P ). She can write HTML by hand. She's a great artist, a thespian with great credentials, she plays(-ed?) D&D, wonderful to talk to, and seems like the snuggling kind. I'll be a nervous wreck by Friday, but I've got my fingers crossed.
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