Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

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Well, a decision has been reached.

And in my list of priorities, the following has been decided upon:

1) Increase amount of sleep. No more 1:30 AM bedtimes during the week. I am now setting myself a hard limit of 12 Midnight. Period.

2) Exercise, exercise, exercise. I'm going to look into hard-panel DDR mats or converting my soft ones so I can wear shoes, and start 30 minutes of DDR and walking 15 minutes a night on the treadmill. At a minimum, 3 nights per week. (MWF) Regardless of whether I lose any weight from it, I'm starting to FEEL flabby as far as muscle tone, and that's not good.

3) Get comics sorted once and for all, and start keeping up on it in the future. The pile of "unsorted" is getting rediculous.

I know it's early for the new year, but I need to get this done.
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