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Well, now I've got a friend trying to play cupid. Actually, two friends. They've found someone who "would be absolutely perfect", (the on again / off again mentioned before) but for one problem... I've not had a relationship in the last 4 years that didn't end up in the bedroom at some point or other, intentional or accidental, and "absolutely perfect" has something of the uncurable annoyance variety. Normally I wouldn't mind, and just not let things go that direction, but apparently she's the same way about relationships as I am. Current plan: double-check to make sure I don't have something anyways, wait out their next off period, and then make a decision.

Next topic: the Elf. Conversation last night was rather interesting. Kept me up way too long. I told her that I was starting to get over things, she asked questions, I answered them a best I can... Slowly, I'm getting over her. (4 years and still swooning just when I see a picture, but at least I've quit talking about her constantly.) I don't know which is more unfortunate, though... the fact that she could have me back regardless of the situation just by asking, or that she doesn't.

Work calls, more later.
Tags: herself the elf, the prettier gender
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