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My Weekend, or How Chad Blew it Again

Friday Night:

Called S on Wednesday to see if she could make it to the show Friday. Got voicemail, again. Left a message, again.

Friday, I run all over creation before the show, and still get there 30 minutes early. The bartender / booking manager gets there and is rather upset with me because:

A) We had a band cancel on us. I THOUGHT I said which one, but apparently not. Luckily, she correctly guessed which one canceled.

B) We found a replacement band Wednesday. Told her Friday Night.

C) Said Replacement band No-Showed anyway.

All said and done, she had to close the bar almost 30 minutes early since both bands had short sets. Lucky for us, she had the flu and wanted to go home early. S never showed. At this point, TJK has probably given up on me since I haven't called in weeks. Go out to breakfast with the band, Twitch, Ali & Kyryn. Get home at 4 AM.


Work in the morning. The project for the day gets delayed. We get finished pulling 230' of 100-pair Service Cable and 160' of Cat5 wire around 5 PM. Band practice started at 4.

Get to practice at 5:15. After getting the "I'm Fuckin' Late Again" bitchiness out of the way, (My own bitchiness, no one else cared.) we have a good practice, ended by Chris throwing a 5 minute solo into "Tame Your Wicked Heart" that would make most 80's rockers hang their heads in shame, and most 70's and 90's guitarists stand up and applaud. By the time we were done with that, I never felt so good overall, and the three of us (Rufus had to work) were never more sure of how well we work together and how well we're going to do.

NOTE: Wow. That was an intense few hours... Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Finish practice, eat dinner, go to The Chamber with Ali and Kyryn for a birthday party for one of their friends. Hang out, get coerced into dancing (I am SUCH a suburban white-boy it isn't funny.) and meet a very pretty girl named Kitty. Talk with her, dance with her, and then I sit down for a rest. Everyone else is ready to leave, so I get up to go get her number. Just as I do, another guy wraps his arm around her and dances with her long enough that we have to leave. It was obvious she was uninterested in him for anything beyond that dance, but it's hard enough getting confidence up in a normal situation, let alone cutting in on a dance to get her phone number. So I drove the tipsy couple (Who kept asking why I was single.) back to their car as Ali and Kyryn headed back West.

Sunday was an average day, all-in-all. Got to talk to TJK for a while and things seem okay there, but I'm reminded of why I haven't called. She just seems too much like a sister and not enough like a romantic interest. So if S is uninterested now, that drops my romantic interests back to my fiance, rosamicula, who seems to have her plate more than full currently.
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