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Cut! Print! That's a Wrap!

And you're currently reading the words of a dead man. At least as far as the movie is concerned. Blood from head to toe, in my hair, all over. I swear there's still some in my ears and I've washed them out three or four times. The best thing of all is that I didn't faint! I was worse before the blood started flowing than afterwards.

If I could've gotten away with it, I would've loved to walk into work tomorrow completely soaked in it with a wound on my neck. But something tells me that wouldn't have gone over too well.

One more day's worth of principal photography, and the movie's ready for post-production. I can't wait to see trailer / posters / finished product.

Meanwhile, I have to find another band for Friday, as our closer canceled out on me yesterday. Job for tomorrow night. (Oh, and getting a pair of Chuck's since my red ones are on loan for movie props for the last scene. I think it's time for either Blue/Red or Green. Maybe Black & Flame.)
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