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It's time for an updatey-watey!

Agh! I've not been on FFXI in almost two months, and stilltaru I can't get the Taru-taruru speak outaru my brainy-wainy.

The network wiring in the new building is starting to take shape. I got all the hooks and runs mapped out, and two of them pulled. With any luck, I should get most of the other ones upstairs pulled tomorrow, and can start on the downstairs once the walls go in. I just wish it didn't have to be mounted so high. I'm still terrified up on a ladder, even though it only puts my feet 5' off the ground. If I fall and land in the clear, I'll be able to either tuck and roll or break my fall just fine. It's hitting a crossbeam first and being knocked out on the way down, or missing the floor and going down the hole where the stairs will be that's my main paranoia. (Or worse yet, falling into a wall and tearing up the cheap tin studding.)

Gig on Thursday night, next Friday, and then on the 30th we're playing a private party. (Ooh, a band that has a whole hour and a half set. Oooh. O.o ) However, I've been leashed. My beautiful wireless has been confiscated by the other band members, upset because I flubbed on a song while dancing. When the flub occured, I immediately stopped and concentrated on what I was doing. I'll just pull a Mark (previous guitarist) and stand back from the edge of the stage with sunglasses on, a cigarette hanging out of the edge of my mouth, and paying intimate attention to the neck of my bass and not moving at all except for tapping my foot and moving my hand. (Don't worry, elf, I haven't started smoking, nor do I intend to. Just a prop.)

Well, it's time to blow this taco stand. Leave my stack of work behind and off to more fun adventures, such as buying a new guitar cable and strings and hanging out with the big J.
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