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What a weekend.

Let's see here....

Friday: Filming. Went rather well, despite getting kicked out of an entire town for filming without permit. Funny thing is, we were not causing any disruption to the normal traffic or business in the town. Producer is calling on a permit today. Got enough other scenes filmed to make the day not entirely worthless.

Saturday: D&D, followed by Band Practice. Practice was wonderful, as I finally got Chris to pick up the Bass for a 5-10 minute jam session. I laid everything out on the Drums, and actually got some impressed looks during the course of the jam. (I'm getting better! Honest!) Went to pick up Twitch before meeting Chris and Rod at Lydia's for a benefit show. Get there and they already left. Meet them at a different club, and then the evening gets interesting...

Girl behind me asks me to watch her drink while she goes and dances. I do so. We get to talking and get along rather well. I go dancing with her, she leaves. 5 minutes later her friend comes back in and asks me to wait with her until she's a little more sober. (She had 3 small mixed drinks and was only a little tipsy.) We talked both in the parking lot there and at the local diner until 5 AM, when we parted ways. I intend to call her soon.

Sunday: Get up at 8:45 to be on the set at 9:45. Sleep from 9:45 until 10:35. Am woken up with an "Oh SHIT!" coming from the front seat of the Rockwood. Pop up to see a red Jeep Grand Cherokee bouncing, skipping, and spinning on it's roof by the side of the road like a dead leaf caught in a wind. We stop, the lead actor renders assistance while the Producer calls 911. Driver is relatively okay, just forgot his insulin and is in a diabetic shock. The rest of the shoot went well, even if I was fairly tired, and then went home and crashed almost immediately.

Monday: Get up at 10, watch CSI until 2, go to Mom's for an hour, then go to GP's. Watched "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", "Sword and the Sorcerer", and "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". Much fun was had.

And that was my weekend. Fun, ne?
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