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Fun with the BMV

Sitting here trying to help the boss' son figure out what plate to put on his new Expedition. The nifty thing is, with the letters and numbers on plates in Ohio no longer being embossed, you can actually see your licence plate in a preview window on the website.


Day 3 of filming in the can. We now have most of my lines in (All ad-libbed because I couldn't actually remember the script correctly.) and I got my first acting scar. A slight mis-calculation on my part ended up with my arm being pulled across the business edge of an industrial 10 gallon bucket. It made for a great shot, though, so I'm happy. A decent sized band-aid and some Neosporin, and other than the occasional soreness I barely even notice. I've grossed out four people with just the scab, though.

So many things to do at work, and so little time. Hopefully I'll get it all sorted out.
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