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"Down a hole I'm fallin'
But I can't seem to find my way.
Bright light shining's callin'
But I can't seem to find my way."

Band practice went quite excellently today. I must get a good mic for my MP3 player, though. I had a great locale for the player today, with the mix perfect, it just overloaded the internal mic. When any one of us are playing, it's fine. Two or three are good too. Everyone in at once, and I get hissing and crackling from clipping the mic.

On other fronts....

I have a 3rd "date" with a girl tomorrow. She's nice and all, but we're too alike in certain ways that isn't necessarily a good thing. On top of being only semi-compatible in that respect, as shallow as it makes me, I'm not all that attracted to her visually. She looks to be about 14, very short, and kinda inconspicuous. She's actually 22, but still.

Work is work. Gotta order cabling and the monitor for the conference room tomorrow, but otherwise same as always.

The movie is coming along fine, and filming resumes next Tuesday.

Oh, yeah. And I get to go see Nightwish on Monday night. Go me!
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